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"In any case, thank you for coming."

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Last Cinderella 04

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"I’ve a twin brother in Shuumeikan. It’s been a long time my brother has been aiming Todai. I’m really proud of him. 
Even though I think Todai is really cool, my parents are normal salarymen, so there is not enough money to pay prep school for both of us. So, as the older brother, I have to make my brother’s studies easier.”

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If I’m going to trust you, I need to know who you are.

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↳ 16/16 - Go Nam Soon’s 1st year anniversary (121203-131203)

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"Of all days, it was April Fool’s Day. My confession that ended up looking like a lie. No one lied. So there weren’t anyone who was fooled. […] Occasionally, the reality is more cruel than lies".

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“If you’re afraid of people, try to embrace the world around you more. Once you started this, you may start to feel more confortable. Until I go back to Spain, i’m going to drag you around and show you the world”.

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Su-ah was alone too, like me, and I liked her even more because of that - I wanted to protect her even more.

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This is the type of proposal I’ve always wanted, simple with no fanfare.

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Are you guys sure you have no feelings for each other?
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